Kathe Merilovich | Amber and the Frog | June 4 - 15 | North Gallery

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Kathe Merilovich
Amber and the Frog
June 4 - 15, 2014
(North Gallery)
Opening reception: Thursday, June 5, 7-9pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, June 8, 2:00 p.m.
Hours:  Wednesdays to Saturday 12 noon - 6 pm | Sunday 12- 5pm

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What is it that entices us to seek something we suspect exists yet is outside the parameters of our senses? Integrating art and science Kathe Merilovich examines fundamental forces, paradox and the curiosity of human nature. A reality that is well beyond our everyday experience yet is so intrinsic to our existence is translated into paint through colour, texture and sound.

Our existence at every level is a paradox. Matter is both a wave and a particle. Every particle has an anti-particle. With these concepts of duality and symmetry in mind, Merilovich uses geometry to explore the strangeness of infinity based on the theories of Galileo.

The same fundamental and universal forces echo inside of us. Primal energy within music extends our understanding and bridges the chasm between seemly opposed ways of experiencing the world. The Paintings with audio titles on mp3 players shed the perceptual baggage of language and typography promoting formulation of more intuitive and venturesome interpretations.

Kathe  Merilovich


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