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I have studied various media over the years.  I keep returning to the simple presentation of an idea or feeling, in intense, clean colour, often straight from the tube or jar, using the inherent value of the colour in a Fauvist sensibility.

I have an affinity for landscape and portraiture. My best work comes from within me – and evolves as I allow the painting to speak to me and tell me what colour, or stroke, it needs next, in an intuitive, introspective manner.  I paint to express energy, soul and mood, whether the work is expressive abstraction or non-objective. In my quest to paint various bodies of water, I strive to express the power and the beauty of raw energy within the land and water scapes.

I also draw in black and white with acrylic media to express various life situations and emotions.  In this direction, I recently completed a series of  drawings (blurring into paintings) which emerged from my subconscious and appeared on nineteen canvases as abstracted black and white figures.
I have recently  been  experimenting with new approaches to expressing the energy of waterfalls and tsunamis. These series explore further my theme of expressively painting the various rhythms and movements of bodies of water around the world.  I strive to connect with the energy and force of the water as I move my hands and arms over the canvases.  I have had many personal experiences both positive and negative with the energy of the seas.  These include falling into a river in winter and struggling to get out as well as a near drowning in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Peru.  My untitled “ scapes” are as much inner “scapes” as outer “scapes” and are a closer look at the colours and energies within waves, ripples and waterfalls.

Gwen Tooth received a Fine Arts Certificate from Humber College in the 1970’s and, from 1978, studied part-time at the Ontario College of Art and Design, completing her Diploma in Interdisciplinary Studies in 1995 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005.

Gwen has studied many disciplines with great teachers of painting, printmaking, book arts and textile arts.  She credits Graham Coughtry for encouraging her to paint what she feels in her own style which is a blend of expressionism and Fauvism.  She researches art schools for innovative instructors across Canada and the U.S. to expand her repertoire for painting and for teaching art. Gwen teaches classes in collage, approaches to expressive abstraction (acrylics), experimental approaches in water colour, and contemporary expressive drawing.

She has held several solo shows at Beaux-Arts Brampton Gallery: “Rhythms of the Sea” 2009, “Fauvist Style Portraits and Figures” in the “Art Cove”  2010, and a sequel exhibition “Rhythms of the Sea II” 2010. In 2012, she displayed “Contemporary Drawings – or are they Paintings?”, a series of black and white acrylic works inspired by the artist Kathe Kollwitz. She has also exhibited at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Visual Arts Mississauga, Gallery 1313 and at the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts.

More recently, Gwen has developed and shown series of works relating to the various characteristics and personalities of bodies of water – “Whirlpool Variations”, and “Tsunamis”.

Solo Shows:
        “Contemporary Drawings”, The Gallery, Visual Arts Mississauga, 2013
        “Contemporary Portraits Inspired by Kathe Kollwitz, Cell Gallery, Gallery 1313, Nov 2012
         “Impressions of Lake Ontario” pastels, Mimico Centennial  Library Toronto, May 2012
        “Waterfalls and Flora by Night”, Beaux-Arts Brampton, June 2012
“Contemporary Media Drawings”, Emily Carr Gallery, Visual Arts Mississauga April 2012
         “The Water Paintings, Emily Carr Gallery, Visual Arts Mississauga March 2012
 “Contemporary Drawings -  or are they Paintings?”, Beaux-Arts Brampton 2011
 “Blue Water”, Emily Carr Gallery, Visual Arts Mississauga March 2011
“Selections from  Rhythms of the Sea II” Franklin Carmichael  Art Gallery 2010
 “Rhythms of the Sea II” Beaux-Arts Brampton November 2010
 “Fauvist Style Portraits and Figures” Beaux-Arts Brampton 2010
 “Rhythms of the Sea” George Brown College 2009
 “Rhythms of the Sea” Beaux-Arts Brampton 2009
        Group Shows:
        “Salon VII” Annual Invitational Show,  Propeller Gallery, 2013
        “Birds of a Feather” Instructors’ Exhibit, Visual Arts Mississauga, 2013
        “Night Moves” Members Show Gallery 1313, September 2012
        “Abstraction Today”, Gwen Tooth/Shannon Moynagh, Beaux-Arts Brampton, October 2012
        Teachers’ Exhibit, Oakville Art Society, September 2012
Members’ Group Shows (3), The Art Cove, Beaux-Arts Brampton, 2012
        “Diversity in Abstraction”, Gwen Tooth/Alice Berloni, Neilson Park Creative Centre, May 2012  
Toronto Watercolour Society Executive Show, North York Public Library, April 2012
Art for All Canada, Rainbow Market Square Cinema Gallery, February 2012
Art Instructors’ Showcase,Williams Mill Gallery, February 2012, 2013
“Tactile: A Printmaker’s Experience”, Beaux-Arts Brampton 2011
        “Art Battle 17 Competitors’ Wall, The Great Hall, Toronto 2011
Women in Abstraction” Beaux-Arts Brampton 2011
         Visual Arts Mississauga Valentine Members’ Show, 2011, 2012
“Impressionism Then and Now”, Beaux-Arts Brampton 2011
        Two person show at Lakeshore Arts Gallery, Toronto 2011
“Imprint” Printmakers Collective Beaux-Arts Brampton 2010    
Southampton Art School Teachers’ Show, Southampton 2010, 2012    
Gallery in the Garden, Sherway Gardens Shadow Box Group Show 2010
New Members New Inspiration IV Group Show Beaux-Arts Brampton 2010
AWOL Square Foot Show 2009
Beaux-Arts Brampton Members’ Shows 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Neilson Park Creative Centre TGIF III Group Show 2009, TGIF IV 2010
Neilson Park Creative Centre Gallery Committee Show 2005
Community art shows  - juried and member’s choice  at Etobicoke Civic Centre Gallery, and at Neilson Park Creative Centre Gallery (prior to 2005)
        Curated Shows:
        “The Canadian Landscape”, Curator Phil Anderson, Gallery 1313, October 2012
“Abstraction Today”, Gwen Tooth/Shannon Moynagh, Artists and Co-curators,
Beaux-Arts Brampton, October 2012
        Juried Shows:
        Black and White III Propeller Centre for the Visual  Arts February 2013
        Emerging Artist Exhibition Gallery 1313 January 2012
Franklin Carmichael Art Centre 13th Annual October Open Juried Show 2011
Franklin Carmichael Art Centre 58th Annual Art Show May 2011
Tom Thomson Gallery Owen Sound “Convergence” Juried Show 2011
Beaux- Arts Brampton Juried Wildlife, Nature and Native Show 2010
International Society of Acrylic Painters Online Juried Show 2009
Lakeshore Arts Juried Show 2009
Beaux-Arts Brampton Juried Show 2009
Auctions or Donations:
Mississauga Arts Council Artsbeat Gala Auction 2012
John B. Aird Gallery Mistletoe Magic  Silent Auction 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012    
OCAD “Whodunit” Auction – 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010
Neilson Park Creative Centre Shadow Box Fund Raiser 2008, 2009
ASSOCIATIONS:    Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts
    Gallery 1313
    Beaux-Arts Brampton Visual Artists Co-operative
    International  Society of Experimental Artists
    Federation of Canadian Artists
    Associate Member Society of Canadian Artists
    Toronto Watercolour Society
    Visual Arts Mississauga
    Lakeshore Arts
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:   Attended Canadian and international art workshops.
PUBLICATIONS:    “Abstract Exhibit at Beaux-Arts”,  The Brampton Guardian, October 2012
“Beaux-Arts Brampton presents Women in Abstraction exhibit” June 2011
The Palette Magazine, January 2011, Issue # 36
            Convergence Juried Show, Tom Thomson Gallery, Owen Sound,
 The Sun Times February 2011
            Fauvist Portraits article, The Brampton Guardian, January 2010
            Rhythms of the Sea II article, The Brampton Guardian, November 2010    
Rhythms of the Sea article, The Citizen, July 2009
Demo Concepts of Abstraction in Acrylics, Art for All Canada Conference, March 2013
Lecture on Concepts of Abstraction for Toronto Watercolour Society 2012
            Art History Chats with Gwen Tooth at Franklin Carmichael Art Centre:
            Canadian Abstraction: Part One 1920’s to 1960’s; October 2011 
            Canadian Abstraction: Part Two 1960’s to 2000 and beyond; November 2011
            Lecture about Contemporary Expressive Drawing
at Art for All  Canada Conference March 2011
Personal art development talk Canadian Federation of University Women 2011
Studios of Brampton Art Tour painting demonstration September 2010
            Painting lecture and demonstration Rhythms of the Sea July 2009
            Brampton Farmers’ Market painting demonstration June 2009            
Acrylic and Mixed Media, Oakville Art Society, 2013
Courses in Acrylic Abstraction, Experimental Watercolour, Mixed Media, Oakville Art Society 2012, 2013
“Portraits Realism to Abstraction”, Williams Mill, 2012
“Acrylic Abstraction – Bold and Expressive Approaches”, Button Factory,  Waterloo, October 2012
"Acrylic Abstraction - Bold and Expressive Approaches", Southampton Art School July 2012
"Acrylic Abstraction - Approaches to Intuitive Expressive Painting, Beaux-Arts Brampton, 2010, 2011, 2012
"Acrylic Painting Outdoors - Expressive Palette Knife", Visual Arts Mississauga 5 week workshop May 2012
"Acrylic Abstraction - Bold and Expressive Approaches", Oakville Art Society, April and September 2012
"The Path to Abstraction - Loosening Up Your Painting Approach". Acrylics. Williams Mill 2012
“Acrylic Media Experimentation - Bold Expressive Abstraction", Visual Arts Mississauga 4 week workshop "2011
PUBLISHED ARTICLES:”Drawn to Abstraction”
“Inspiration – Where is it Hiding?” Southampton Art School Blog 2010
            “Contemporary Drawing – What is it?”
EDUCATION:    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) 2005
Fine Arts Certificate, Humber College
Bachelor of Arts,  University of Western Ontario, 1967
Forty years of art training and cultural experiences
STUDIED WITH:    Stephen Quiller, Robert Burridge, Judith Finch, Brian Atyeo,
    Susan Pitcairn, Cody DeLong, William “Skip” Lawrence,
    Steve Rose, Victoria Cowan, Donnah Cameron II, Claudia McCabe, Jack Reid,
Ken MacFarlane, Linda Kemp, Douglas Purdon,
    Lila Lewis Irving, Brian Smith, Ethel Raicus, Denis Cliff,
    Anne Meredith Barry, Lynn Donoghue, Lupe Rodriguez,
            Suzanne Tevlin, George Walker, Gord Rayner,
Olga Philip, Ross Mendes, Chin Kok Tan, Graham Coughtry

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES:    Toronto Watercolour Society Secretary of Board, 2011-2013
Beaux-Arts Brampton Co-operative -Vice-President 2010-11 and 2011-12
Workshop Committee 2009, 2010 , 2011, 2012
Neilson Park Creative Centre Gallery Committee – 5 years
Neilson Park Creative Centre reception desk – 8 months one half day a week
The Etobicoke Art Group – Classes Chair, Secretary, Publicity, Board Advisor


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