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Become part of one of Toronto's most dynamic artist collectives!

Propeller accepts artists for membership in all stages of their careers. We strive to have a well rounded cooperative composed of artists working in a wide range of media and approaches.

We offer two levels of membership: "Full Membership" and "Associate Membership".
Full Membership status guarantees members two-week rental per membership cycle (yearly). 

               Full Membership              Associate Membership
  • Guaranteed 2 week, half-gallery rental every year.*
  • Priority selection of preferred exhibition dates.
  • FREE on-line storefront site for potential on-line sale
Fees:  $120.00/month**
(plus HST)
  • Ability to rent the gallery at member’s rate and according to space available.
  • FREE on-line storefront site for potential on-line sale
Fees:  $30.00/month
 (plus HST)

 Shared Benefits
  • Opportunity to join any Committee and learn the operations of the Gallery, with equal status in the collective. Members can be nominated for the executive after one year as an active member.
  • Opportunity to organize/coordinate, and participate in large group shows, member’s shows, small group shows, etc. in addition to your own show
  • Free web page on our Artist directory site featuring your work (available for review by collectors, curators, and the public).
  • Access to resources such as mentoring and critiques; access to workshops at discounted rates
  • Promotional support from the gallery.
    • Exhibition listings in Slate Magazine, Artscape Newsletter, Canadian Art, Instant Coffee and others.  
    • Electronic exhibit postings via the gallery website and social media networks
  • Full curatorial control over solo/group exhibitions.
  • Reduced comission on sales (20% versus 25% for non-members). 
  • Good friends to work with and share your passion for art.
  • Great opening parties.

 Membership Obligations
  • All members are expected to participate in the operation of the Propeller co-operative by volunteering their time or services. This may involve joining one of the committees, helping with hanging group shows and/or monitoring the gallery when needed, as well as maintaining the gallery. A minimum of 4 hours per month is required.
  • Members are expected to indicate their preferred payment method (Cheque, Debit, Credit) and the frequency of payments (monthly OR annual lump sum payment).      
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to provide the materials necessary to have their artwork and support material uploaded to the website.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to contact the gallery with changes to personal contact information. 

*A member can elect to have one 3-week show over a period of 18 months, rather than an annual show.  A member can also purchase an additional week or a full gallery rental, assuming that space is available, and by paying the extra costs of rental at member’s rate. The member should inform the gallery of his/her intention at the time of choosing preferred time slots for exhibition, coinciding with opening of schedule. The programming committee will do its best to accommodate selection requests.  Once the schedule is established, members can negotiate with other members if changes are needed and inform the scheduling committee.

** The $120 monthly fee for full members amounts to $1440 a year to cover a 2-week rental. This implies that the cost of half-gallery rental per week is $720 + HST for members. The total amount of yearly membership ($1440 plus HST= $1626.20) could be paid upfront as a single payment or by monthly installments of $120 + HST ($135.60).  These costs start May 1st, 2016, at the time of opening the 2017 schedule for booking.

All new members must agree to join for at least one year and make arrangements to submit contracts and appropriate fees at the time of acceptance, either by setting up direct monthly debit from the bank, by delivering at least 4 post-dated cheques to the gallery administrator, or by a one-time payment of the full amount.

We strongly encourage new members to join as full members to take advantage of all benefits. 

Please contact the gallery administrator Nathan Heuvingh (416-504-7142) for more information or the chair of Membership Michelle Letarte, at

To apply for membership visit:

Propeller accepts submissions for membership on an ongoing basis.
All applications are reviewed quarterly by the Selection Committee.

2017 Selection Committee review dates: March 10th, June 10th, Sept 10th, Dec 10th

Membership applications are reviewed by a jury. When evaluating applications, consideration is given to:

  • the quality of the work
  • the level of professionalism, and
  • a demonstrated commitment to the visual arts

To apply for membership please visit:

You will need to have the following ready for inclusion:

  1. your resume in PDF -or- MSWord - uploaded to your 'OPEN CALL PROFILE' on
  2. 10 -20 images of your work - each with title, medium, date, value,
  3. your artist statement
  4. a letter of intent
  5. a statement of commitment to volunteering at Propeller


Become part of one of Toronto's most dynamic artist collectives!

We are a well rounded cooperative comprised of artists
in every stage of their career and who work in a diverse range of media and approaches.
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